Johann Rechnung

Young brash pompous paladin


Humm, not much to say yet
except young brash unwise
how many potions has he used so far?
More than anyone else
calls himself Yohann or Yoyo or something like that. Means something like strange in another language that no one can speak or understand…so why does it matter.

Yohan, down again

currently holds the record with a -13

Yohan wouldn’t listen to reason. Reason being me! He took Will the quick and went off in search of Aron Kir. The traitor abandoned the army while we were standing against the demon controlled city Drezen. According to Will, it was a giant chimera that ripped Yohan apart and then feasted on him! Serves the idiot right.

George was sent out in search of a Blightwalker druid. The druid was asked to reincarnate Yohan. He made a big fire and then boiled Yohan’s hand! After taking a bite out of the meat, the druid reincarnated Yohan! The idiot came back as an orc! How many orcs does it take to kill a human? A freaking army! How many orcs can a human kill? That depends on the version of the game you are playing! Take the version and multiply it by ten!

A freaking orc!!!! Why the frick!!!

Monster! Freak! Can we say freaking penalty to army moral!


Johann Rechnung

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